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Wipes Entrepreneurs Target Men May 14, 2018

Wipes Entrepreneurs Target Men

The personal care wipes market continues to see growth as more consumers seek a quick, convenient and hygienic clean. Recent statistics from Euromonitor International predict the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of almost 3% from 2014-2019. While a number of new products are targeting women in the facial cleansing category, men’s wipes are beginning to gain traction in the marketplace.


According to Euromonitor’s Jabel Parayil, an analyst for tissue and hygiene, men’s wipes are a small segment within personal care wipes, which in itself makes up a small portion of the overall hygiene category. And while larger manufacturers seem to be ignoring wipes for men, he says smaller brands are seeing this niche market as an opportunity for them to build a consumer base and place more and more products into a man’s daily hygiene routine.


There are several reasons why new wipes companies are targeting the male demographic, Parayil says. First, they are looking to attract men in the 24-35 age range who have the disposable income and who want the benefit of wipes added to their daily hygiene regimen. Secondly, these wipes brands are hoping to create a “customer for life” once the products become part of the daily routine. Finally, he says, wipes are simple, and are continuously in need of restocking which could encourage automatic ordering of the product. “This plays well in line with the larger growing trend of subscriber based consumer products that are automatically shipped to the customers home,” he explains.


In the overall personal care products categories, Parayil is seeing more interest among men. “Though men tend to have more disposable income compared to women, overall they are fairly low-key in their grooming habits and income does not necessarily translate into higher volumes as they still have a lot less products in their bathrooms compared to women. That being said, men tend to like and purchase what they believe to be quality products, and this is the area where wipes specifically marketed towards men are trying to infiltrate. This interest in utilizing more personal care products is a culmination of more information, more income, and more marketing,” he says.